Pinafore v2.3.0 

You can now move the nav bar to the bottom of the screen in the settings! Thanks to @i for the contribution.

There are also some bugfixes in this release. Thanks to @halkeye for the contribution as well!

To get the update, refresh your browser tab or close and reopen your browser.

Woke up today to no network at home, it turns out the battery in the UPS has died again. Why it fails closed I don’t know, but I now realise that we have lost power due to the UPS failing more often than due to the power supply failing.

Anyone want an old UPS?

@laura it feels like Twitter in the early days, lots of excitement and discovery!

I might grow to enjoy social media again now that I actually see my friends’ posts and they’re not buried below all the rage and anxiety-inducing posts.

If you download your #Twitter archive it arrives wrapped as a static HTML page, which is not very useful for doing anything with, and worse: it requires the original account to be still active to do useful things like enlarge the images since they use links.

So here's a #Python script to convert a Twitter archive to #markdown or other formats:

Now you can archive your tweets in any way you want.

@gilles @kornel I think there is a bit of adjustment at the moment due to the rapidly changing wholesale cost, but pricing is quite transparent over here (albeit getting very expensive: ~£0.70 kWh).
I’m happy that most are going contactless too, still a couple with dedicated apps but I avoid if possible.

Of course the real magic is charging at home overnight on cheap rates, we rarely need a fast charge.

If you use a screen reader and are worried about reports that Masto is less accessible than we'd like, try - it's a webapp with a much more simple interface than Masto itself plus it has thoughtul wellbeing settings too!

I only recently learned about time blindness as an aspect of ADHD, but I really appreciate this illustration:

Measuring responsiveness on the web… is hard. @[email protected] demonstrates what impacts and how modern APIs can be used to improve .

PLEASE BOOST: Right now Mastodon is only receiving appr. $21,000/month through Patreon.

This is not enough to handle the 1 million new accounts that will be made this week.

Currently, only 4,720 patrons are donating to Mastodon.

However, if everyone chips in $2/month, this will ensure the continued survival of Mastodon!

Be a hero! Donate now!

My talk about Early Hints at in Amsterdam is now online!

If you have a hard time wrapping your head around the concept, here's some 🥞 for you. #webperf

@kornel very good point! I’m happy if the charger is working and there is coffee nearby, 100kW is just a bonus 😎

@kornel there’s also a significant difference in DC charging speeds based on the charger (my experience in the UK) e.g. 50kW / 100kW / 200kW etc. Most here are 50kW but some share the supply between two cables, so you might only get 25kW peak.

I have yet to see 100kW on my CCS car even at 120kW chargers. We plan charges around comfort breaks with kids so usually time isn’t critical, but it’s frustrating when you’re in a rush!

There are some delays of course, it takes a while for new DNS records to propagate and there will potentially be issues with Let's Encrypt validating the host cert once Cloudflare SSL is enabled. I'll find out in three months 😅

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It's surprisingly easy (and cheap) to run your own Mastodon server:

1: register a domain. I used Cloudflare to register

2: install mastodon - I used the one-click digital ocean app at ~$12 per month [1]

3: add DNS A record for droplet IP on your domain

4: ssh into the droplet and go through the guided setup

5: configure an SMTP server for emails - I used with an app-specific password [2]

6: enable Full SSL on Cloudflare [3]

7: administer mastodon [4]


@lee fully buying in to the "own your data" premise. Also it's always fun to buy another domain 😅

Got this here, on Mastodon. Every new member should be given one... enormously helpful

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